2021 Flute Fair Virtual Competition

Congratulations to our finalists!


Anika Christensen

Laura Fan

Clara Ma




Felicity Fulton

Jennifer Jo

Elizabeth Lu




Patty Barlow

Joseph A. Johnson

Amy Sarno


Winning Prizes:

 Young Artist: $1,000

High School: $500 - sponsored by Flute ProShop

Adult Division: $500 - sponsored by Flute Center of New York


Early Submission: August 15, 2021

Early Submission Fee: $25 competition fee +

NJFS 2021-22 Membership Fee ($25 student/$40 regular/$25 Senior Citizen)

Regular Submission: September 1, 2021

Regular Submission Fee: $30 competition fee +

NJFS 2021-22 Membership Fee ($25 student/$40 regular/$25 Senior Citizen)

Finalists Videos Submissions: October 11, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

Winners Announced at the 2021 Virtual Flute Fair


Contact our competition coordinator

Dr. Caroline Sonett-Assor: caroline.sonett.assor@gmail.com

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All recordings must be unaccompanied and cannot be edited. 

Applicants may upload separate pre-screening recordings for each required piece. Video instructions for the final round will be shared directly with finalists.

Young Artist Division (Ages 18-30)

  • Pre-screening Repertoire (AUDIO only):

    • Anna Bon di Venezia, Sonata in D Major, Op. 1, No. 4, I. Allegro moderato (no repeats) 

    • Philippe Gaubert, Sonata No. 3 (Troisieme Sonate), II. Interméde pastoral (Heugel/Alphonse Leduc)

  • Final Round Repertoire (VIDEO only):

High School (Grades 9-12)

  • Pre-screening Repertoire (AUDIO only):

    • W.A. Mozart, Concerto in D Major, III. Rondo: Allegretto, measures 1 to 244 (any edition)

    • Kent Kennan, Night Soliloquy

  • Final Round Repertoire (VIDEO only):

    • Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Sonata a la baroque I. Allegro

    • Kent Kennan, Night Soliloquy

Adult Enthusiast

(open to adults, age 30+, who are not pursuing a career in music performance or teaching)

  • Pre-screening Repertoire (AUDIO only):

    • Telemann, Fantasia of your choice

    • Philippe Gaubert, Madrigal for Flute and Piano (any edition) 

  • Final Round Repertoire (VIDEO only):

    • Telemann, Fantasia from pre-screening

    • Piece of your choice written after 1950. Can be for flute and piano, but must be recorded solo.