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Save the date ... njfs flute fair,
October 21, 2018 featuring
​guest artist amy porter

2018-2019 season.

NJ Flute Society

This year, renowned flutist Amy Porter will share her expertise​ with flutists who would like to participate in her masterclass. Sign up soon! The invitation is on a first come, first serve basis.  A total of three flutists will be accepted. 

Pre-register for the NJ Flute Fair, October 21, 2018. It’s free with membership. If your pre-registration form is not received prior to October 21, $10 will be added at the door for an All Day Pass. 

This season's concerto competition for high school students ages 13 - 19 will be held October 18, 2018, and will feature Mozart's Concerto in D (1st movement plus cadenza) as well as a contrasting work. More information.